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Up in Annie's Room -  Assorted Doll Patterns Page
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== Assorted Doll Patterns ==
Here are listed the last of stock of some fabulous cloth doll patterns!

All Patterns Reduced To $5.00 or less!!

by Kay Blackman
64cm cloth doll & piggy
In Stock: 2
Prim Snowman
by Happy Heart Patterns
60cm cloth snowman doll
$13.00 $3.00
In Stock: 4
Bunnetta Bunny
by  Threadbare Primitives
67.5cm cloth bunny doll
$15.00 $5.00
In Stock: 1

Follow The Star
By Sweet Meadows Farm
70cm cloth snowman doll
$15.00 $5.00
In Stock: 2

Libby & Justy
By Meme's Quilts
65cm cloth doll
$14.00 $5.00
In Stock: 1
Dot & Frankie
by Frowning Francis Folk Art Patterns
27.5cm and 32.5cm painted fabric faux wood dolls.
$14.00 $3.50
In Stock: 4
by Kay Blackman
37cm cloth angel doll
In Stock:
Cinnamon Saltbox Angel
Folk Art Painted Cloth Doll
By Lissa Snyder
$10.00  $3.00
In Stock: 1


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