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Laser Creations - Giant Etched Letters
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Giant Etched Letters!
These uppercase letters are etched with your choice of 13 different designs!
They are each 10cm tall and make a great accent for your scrapbooking pages
and other craft projects - they can be painted & embellished or used as-is!


Mix and match - any letter may have any etched design you choose; 
simply let me know which letter & design you'd like when ordering!

Etched letters are $5.00 each
Plain letters are $2.50 each


Argyle Contour Daisies Donuts Droplets Harlequin Hearts
H Stripe Paisley Patch Stars Stars Swirls V Stripe
Stars A.jpg (64412 bytes) Vertocal Random Stripe B.jpg (80157 bytes) Droplets C.jpg (65074 bytes)
Stars Vertical Stripe Droplets
Daisies D.jpg (64279 bytes) Horizontal Random Stripe E.jpg (54615 bytes) Donuts F.jpg (64022 bytes)
Daisies Horizontal Stripe Donuts
Paisley G.jpg (70202 bytes) Argyle H.jpg (65812 bytes) Hearts I.jpg (54290 bytes)
Paisley Argyle Hearts
Harlequin J.jpg (49984 bytes) Contour K.jpg (71399 bytes) Patchwork Stars L.jpg (63713 bytes)
Harlequin Contour Patchwork Stars
Swirls M.jpg (64011 bytes)

These particular letters are displayed simply to show the designs
- you may order any letter you like!


Last updated: 03/11/07