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Up in Annie's Room -  Cloth Doll Patterns

== Up in Annie's Room ==


Our own cloth doll patterns ranging from prim to traditional, whimsical to country!

Each pattern contains detailed instructions, diagrams, full-sized pattern pieces and a colour image.

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Susannah (ARD19)
A country girl at heart, Susannah wears her favourite suede boots everywhere!
Today she is going to market so she wears long sleeved petticoat under her dress which features contrasting ruffle trim and long sash tied in a bow.  Susannah's auburn hair is tied up with pretty satin ribbon.
She is 76cm tall.

Pattern - $16.00

Hoshi (ARD18)
A graceful Japanese stump-doll, Hoshi wears a tunic underneath her Kimono which has contrasting sash and bow, lined sleeves and satin trim.  Her hair is yarn and her face can be embroidered, painted or penned.  Includes 3 face options!

Pattern -
Felicity Fairy (ARD17 )
A sweet and whimsical fairy, Felicity is wearing a short, puff-sleeved dress with bloomers underneath.  Her quilted wings are embroidered using sparkly DMC metallic threads and her slippers are encrusted with sparkles too!  Felicity's hair is thick yarn, with the plies separated for that wavy look (I've used Big Bertha in Old Rose Pink from www.clothdollhair.com).  Her simple face is embroidered and a touch of sparkle added to her blush!

Pattern -

SimplicitySimplicity Close Up

Simplicity (ARD16)

A 53cm cloth doll, Simplicity wears a simple dress of seeded homespun drawn in at the bodice with a few rusty (or black) safety pins. A primitive garden stitchery is featured on the front of her dress, stitched in DMC Medici wool threads. Her body is made from stained calico and she has painted wooden wings, raw fleece hair and a hand-stitched face. This pattern is available with the raw wooden wings and wooden "simplicity" tag.


Pattern + Wings & Tag - $19.00

Pattern Only - $15.00

Christmas Angels    Christmas Angel Close Up     Christmas Angel Close Up

Christmas Angels (ARD15)

These 21cm angels are made from unstained calico, and have painted & beaded leotards.  Their hair is needled mohair fleece and their wooden wings and little shoes have been encrusted with sparkly glitter!  You can use all kinds of different trims and accents to make your own unique Christmas Angels!

This pattern is available with 2 sets of wings.


Pattern + Wings - $16.00

Pattern Only - $13.00

Leo & Livvy

Leo & Livvy (ARD14)

Leo and Livvy are ready for a summer picnic!  These 42cm dolls are dressed in delicious fruity colours and sit upon an easy to make mini-quilt picnic rug in matching shades!  Their hair is "raisin" prim spun yarn and their faces are painted and penned then blushed.  They also have a little cane basket to carry their picnic lunch!


Pattern - $15.00


Spring Fairies Spring Fairies Close Up Spring Fairies Close Up

Spring Fairies (ARD13)

These little fairies are so quick and easy to make! 
Instructions are included for the quilted & embroidered wings, or you can use pre-purchased wings instead!
They are wearing simple dresses with minimal sewing required and a tulle underskirt. Their hair is needled mohair and their simple faces are penned and blushed.  They are approx. 20cm when completed.  Pop them onto a ribbon-wrapped dowel and have them peeking from your indoor pots!


Pattern - $13.00


Lettie's Lavender  Lettie's Lavender Close Up Lettie's Lavender Close Up

Lettie's Lavender (ARD12)

Lettie is a 45cm cloth doll dressed in gentle lavender and green.
She holds a Lavender scented felt pillow and wears a long sleeved dress with gathered skirt and tie up bow and scallop-hemmed underskirt with felt & button detail.
Her hair is made from thick macramé yarn which has been partially unraveled for a wavy look. Her shoes are painted & buttoned, she has black glass eyes and blushed cheeks.

She's a pretty doll that a girl of any age would love!


Pattern - $15.00


Jessie & James

Jessie & James (ARD11)

Jessie is a 33cm raggedy doll and James is her favourite Teddy and constant companion who she carries everywhere she goes!  Jessie is wearing a puff-sleeved dress with gathered skirt, buttoned dress embellishment and painted boots with felt tops .  Her prim yarn hair is tied in cute bunches. She also features striped stockings, painted & penned face and knee-length knickers!


Pattern - $13.00


HollyAnna Holly Anna Close Up

Holly Anna (ARD10)

Holly Anna is a 50cm Christmas doll!  She features long striped legs with painted and beaded boots and a short, one piece dress.  Her apron is made from stained batting and embellished with stained felt holly leaves and red button berries!  She wears felt holly leaves and red bead berries in her red embroidery thread hair!


Pattern - $13.00

Biddy's Buttons Biddy's Buttons Close Up  Biddy's Buttons Close Up

Biddy's Buttons (ARD09)

Biddy is a 43cm primitive cloth doll who would love to play with your old buttons! 

She is simply made, featuring a white-washed fabric body, stitched facial features and a small stitched heart on her chest.  She wears a two-layered dress tied at the chest, hand stitched stockings and face, gorgeous red mohair pig-tails, and a  strand of old buttons on a twist of wire.  She sits on her own prim buttoned quilt in matching fabrics.
A delightful way to display some of your favourite old buttons!


Pattern - $13.00


Audrey Has a Birthday!  Audrey Close Up 

Audrey Has a Birthday! (ARD08)

It's 50cm Audrey's birthday and she has already received a gift in a prettily painted and decorated papier-mache box!  Audrey's dress has a pretty rosebud border and broderie lace edged hem.  She's wearing a tulle slip under her dress, a tulle wrap and ruby painted slippers.  Audrey's hair is made from strips of ruby red felt and she is wearing her "special occasion" beads.


Pattern - $13.00


Nellie Meg & Jude 

Nellie, Meg & Jude (ARD07)

These 33cm primitive sisters are so simple!
No fussy hems or bits to paint or varnish - they are designed to be quick and easy!  They each have a different body shape and facial expression and may wear a dress, blouse and skirt or pants!  The pattern also includes instructions for a simple pair of prim angel wings to make your dollies into angels!


Pattern - $13.00


Patience Patience Close Up Patience Close Up

Patience (ARD06)

This 92cm primitive angel doll has quilted and stiffened wings, a quilted star and her own strand of old buttons! 

She wears a dress with stained lace collar, long sleeves hemmed in stained cotton lace and her full petticoat is hemmed with prim cross-stitches.  Patience's shoes are painted and sanded, her nose is painted, her mouth stitched and her eye are vintage flower buttons.  Her locks are needled mohair! 

A big hanging angel that would look lovely on any wall!


Pattern - $15.00


RoxAnnie  Rox Annie CLose Up  Rox Annie CLose Up

Rox-Annie (ARD05)

This 53cm primitive doll wears a dress featuring a prim daisy and an underskirt embellished with prim cross-stitches, over her knee-length bloomers. Her skirt hems are torn for a raggedy look and her painted stockings have fallen down to her  painted boots!  Rox-Annie's hair is fashioned from painted kitchen string and her face is penned and painted.


Pattern - $13.00


LaceWing Angel  LaceWing Angel Close Up 2

Lace Wing Angel (ARD04)

This 45cm angel wears a simple dress hemmed with narrow cotton lace and an apron that is pinned to her bodice with black safety pins.  Her slippers are made from felt and decorated with little rusty bells.  Her wings are made from wide cotton lace that has been tied in a bow, stained and stiffened before being attached!  Lacewing Angel has primitive wool yarn hair and a simple penned face.


Pattern - $13.00

DimityDimity Close Up Dimity Close Up

Dimity (ARD03)

is a 25cm cloth doll who is very easy to make!  She wears calico knickers under her dress, which is gathered

to the bodice at the waist.  Her boots are painted and finished with laces and a neat bow!  Using different fabric and embellishments, Dimity can look unique each time you make her!  The pattern includes instructions for an "Annie" Style variation!


Pattern - $13.00


Ainslie (ARD02)

This 43cm cloth doll features a fabulously full head of scrunched and stained calico hair!  Over her country checked dress is a small apron with a tiny bird stitchery and under her dress Ainslie wears a pair of stained calico knickers with torn hems.  Her tall boots are made from stained light-weight leather which has been stiffened with varnish.

A sweet country doll for your home!


Pattern - $13.00


 Our Andy Close Up Our Annie Close Up

Our Annie & Our Andy (ARD01)

This charming 53cm couple feature stained & stiffened boots, embroidered faces, curly raffia hair and old socks.

Our Annie also features a one-piece dress with stained lace hem,  knee length undies with running stitch hem and a cotton batting apron with appliqué heart & prim x-stitches.   Our Andy also features an old key (the key to Annie's heart!) on string, stained braces, checked shirt and patched pants with rolled hems.


Pattern - $15.00


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