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Up in Annie's Room -  Stitchery Patterns

== Up in Annie's Room ==

PATTERNS include the traceable design, DMC thread guide, watercolour pencil colour
guide (where applicable), stitching & watercolour pencil instructions and colour image.
Some patterns include buttons where indicated below.


KITS are available for designs where mentioned and include the pattern, calico,

Pellon (wadding), fine needle, pre-sorted threads and buttons where applicable.

Most recent releases are at the top!

The Lucky Bees Stitchery (ARS33) Lucky Bees
15cm x 15cm

This circular design features colourful flowers tended by four bees, all
surrounded by the verse:
"How lucky are the bees, to spend their days in such fine company"

The design is stitched using DMC stranded cottons and the bee buttons
are coloured using Derwent "Colorsoft" pencils.

Pattern Only (no buttons) - $11.00

Pattern & Buttons - $13.00

(ARS32) Connie's Gift
13.5cm x 13.5cm

I stitched this design for my Grandma's 100th Birthday but an alphabet is included
so you can personalize it for your own special someone!  It is stitched using simple
stitches in stranded cottons and coloured using watercolour pencils.

Pattern - $11.00
(ARS31) A Jug of Roses
12.5cm x 16cm

A decorative design featuring an etched wooden button and roses on a stitched
lattice background.  The jug is also part of the traceable design so you can choose
to stitch the jug or purchase the pattern and button together.

Pattern Only - $11.00
Pattern & Button -

(ARS30) Precious Moments
14.5cm x 14.5cm

A sweet nursery design of Mother and child on a stitched background.
It is stitched using stranded cottons and coloured with watercolour pencils.

Pattern - $11.00

(ARS29) How Sweet It Is
12cm x 12cm

Simple stitches and happy colours are used to create this design depicting a
contented cat appreciating life and it's pleasures!  Stitched in stranded cottons
and coloured with watercolour pencils.

Pattern - $11.00

(ARS28) While Away The Hours
19cm x 27cm

A colourful design featuring a girl enjoying her garden along with a line from the
famous Wizard of Oz song "If I Only Had a Brain"!
Text reads, "I could while away the hours, conferring with the flowers..".

Pattern includes tiny butterfly (1) and dragonfly (1) buttons.

Pattern & Buttons - $13.00


(ARS27) Angel Trio
Approx. 6cm x 10cm each


Each of these three sweet angel stitcheries hold  a special message.

They are stitched and coloured using watercolour pencils, with a few seed
bead accents!


Pattern - $11.00


(ARS26) Dance of the Fuchsia Fairies
12.5cm x 17.5cm


Sweet little ballerinas of the garden stitched in solid DMC shades and coloured
using watercolour pencils!


Pattern - $11.00


(ARS25) Fairies in the Dell
16cm x 11.5cm

Tiny little fairies at work in the meadow, stitched in solid and variegated DMC
shades. Features 3 gold wooden buttons

Pattern Only -
Pattern & Buttons -


(ARS24) Bird Street
11cm x 11cm


A busy birdy neighbourhood!
It is stitched in a dark thread and highlighted using watercolour pencils.


Pattern & Buttons - $13.00


(ARS23) My Best Mate
11cm x 20cm

A boy and his best mate!
The design is stitched in DMC solid shade and highlighted using watercolour


Pattern - $11.00


(ARS22) My Paisley Heart
18.5cm x 19cm

A colourful paisley heart stitched in solid DMC shades!


Pattern - $11.00


(ARS21) Fairies in My Garden
18.5cm x 26cm

A sweet design with the text :
"There are fairies in my garden".
It is stitched in Anchor multi-coloured floss & DMC variegated & solid shades.


Pattern - $11.00


(ARS20) The Flower Market
15cm x 21cm

Stitched in DMC solid & variegated floss & Anchor multi-coloured floss, the sign
behind the market lady reads,
"Daisies, violets or sweet peas,
Fresh flowers will put your heart at ease".

Pattern -


(ARS19) The Garden Gate
11cm x 17.5cm

This design featuring a front garden is stitched in black stranded cotton and
highlighted using watercolour pencils. The text reads: 
"Flowers By The Garden Gate".

There are two flower button accents which you can paint or leave raw!


Pattern & Buttons - $13.00


(ARS18) Angels in Heaven
19.5cm x 26cm

Stitched in DMC variegated & solid shades & DMC metallic gold, the text reads,
"Angels send us their love on the gentle winds from Heaven".


Pattern - $11.00


(ARS17) Mermaid Sisters
19cm x 21.5cm

A sweet naive design by my daughter depicting Mermaid sisters together under
the sea! 
Stitched in DMC metallics & solids, the text reads,
"Mermaid Sisters Under The Sea".

Pattern Only - $11.00


(ARS16) My Little Shadow
16cm x 11cm


A sweet design featuring Mama Bear and her little shadow!
The text reads,
"Me and my little shadow..."

The design is stitched in solid DMC shades.


Pattern - $11.00


(ARS15) Earth's Reward
26cm x 18cm

An important message to all; the text reads,
"Be gentle with the Earth and she will reward us with her beauty". 
The design is stitched in DMC variegated & solid shades, coloured with
watercolour pencils and has a small ceramic heart button accent.


Pattern & Button - $12.00


(ARS14) Home of My Dreams
26cm x 18cm

A peaceful country scene, the text reads, "The home of my dreams is calm and
serene, a place of quiet beauty
". The design is stitched in DMC variegated and
solid shades.
There is a cottage drawn into the design, so you can stitch a cottage or purchase
the cottage button shown here!


Pattern - $11.00
Pattern & Button - $15.00


(ARS13) The Little Birds
17cm x 12cm


A sweet and simple design,  the text reads, "The little birds each morning
sing, and to may day sweet sounds they bring
The design is stitched in DMC solid shades and features two little bird
buttons which you can paint or leave raw!


Pattern & Buttons - $13.00


(ARS12) Angel of Virtue
18.5cm x 27cm


A whimsical Angel surrounded by a border of the virtues we should all value!
It's stitched entirely in DMC 221.


Pattern - $11.00


(ARS09) Raggedy Angel Takes a Walk
19cm x 26.5cm


A whimsical design featuring a rebellious raggedy angel, the text reads,
" Now and then an angel just wants to pack up her wings and walk!"

The design is stitched in country shades of DMC floss. 


Pattern - $11.00


ARS08) A Country Walk
20cm x 28cm

A peaceful county scene of girl &  geese.  It's stitched entirely dark brown DMC
floss and coloured using watercolour pencils.

Pattern - $11.00


(ARS07) Peace in the Valley
16.5cm x 24cm


A verse from the famous gospel song, this sampler style design reads,
"No sadness, No sorrow, No trouble I see, There'll be Peace in the valley for me".
It's stitched in DMC solid shades & highlighted in areas using watercolour pencils.

Pattern - $11.00


(ARS06) A Mermaid's Treasure
17cm x 23cm

A mermaid at play, the text reads,
"The shells of the sea are a Mermaid's treasure". 

It's stitched in solid shades of DMC floss. Her tail is coloured using watercolour
pencil & detailed with French knots in a sparkly thread.

Purchase these 4 beautiful ceramic buttons with the pattern
or use buttons of your own!

Pattern - $11.00

Pattern & Buttons -


(ARS05) Along the Highway
16cm x 24cm

A sampler style design stitched in burnt and rusty solid shades of DMC floss and
the crow is painted using watercolour pencils.

Pattern -


(ARS04) Hearts & Flowers
12cm x 12cm


A pretty design featuring a cottage garden.  It is stitched in warm spring
colours and accented with raw wooden  heart buttons! 


Pattern & Buttons - $15.00


(ARS03) Night Time Gardens
18cm x 20cm

A whimsical design of angels at work, the text reads,

"The angels tend their night time gardens".

It's stitched in brown DMC floss & accented with raw wooden star buttons.

Pattern & Buttons - $15.00


(ARS01) Old MacDonald Stitchery
15cm x 18cm


A cute design after the famous nursery rhyme!
It is stitched in solid DMC shades.


Pattern - $11.00


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